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Museum Shop Scandinavia FAQs

What is Museum Shop Sunday all about?

Museum Shop Sunday is an international annual event celebrating the shops and products which play a vital role in helping arts, culture and heritage attractions to thrive.

The key messages are that cultural shops offer:

  • Original, Design led Shopping - museum and gallery shops now offer designer homeware and exclusive gifts that cannot be found anywhere else, including quirky bespoke ranges, beautiful gift books and ethically sourced items. All your Christmas shopping dilemmas solved in one go!

  • Shopping with a Conscience - by shopping at your local museum, gallery or cultural attraction, you are actively contributing to its future sustainability and success. You’re also helping to support small businesses, independent suppliers and artisan makers.

  • A Meaningful Experience - a fun and relaxing shopping experience (the very opposite of Black Friday which falls on the same weekend)


(Shoppers enjoying Museum Shop Sunday in UK museums pictured above).


How will it benefit my organisation?

  • Boost your income - in 2018 participants reported increases of up to 68% in sales, 55% in footfall and 49% in average transaction value

  • Attract new audiences - showcase your products and your venue to new customers

  • Boost awareness - increase media coverage and social engagement by being part of an international campaign.


Where does Museum Shop Scandinavia fit in?


Museum Shop Scandinavia is powered by BARC Scandinavia. Partnering with the Association of Cultural Enterprises UK, Museum Shop Scandinavia coordinates Museum Shop Sunday into a global campaign for cultural stores across Scandinavia and offers unique marketing for in store offers and events. Alongside this, Museum Shop Scandinavia runs a year-round programme of workshops, events, and training programmes to boost retail sales and skills. As part of a network of industry peers and professionals from across Scandinavia and the UK, organisations will have access to exclusive Q&As, trend reports, and networking events with both museum professionals and brands interested in supporting and collaborating with cultural organisations.


We want to get involved but don’t know where to start! What do we do?

It’s easy to get involved with Museum Shop Scandinavia! Simply sign up to our exclusive newsletter for cultural organisations and we’ll update you on events and workshops happening throughout the year. If you have a specific question regarding your organisation or an ongoing project you can email us and our team of industry experts and network of contacts can help put you on the right track.

And don’t forget - we want our museums to act as a community so we would also love for you to share your unique knowledge and experience too! Simply email us if you feel you have an interesting case study or top tips you’re burning to share.

I want to take part but I’m not sure if my organisation will be on-board?

Museum Shop Scandinavia is a great way to collaborate with your fellow cultural institutes in Scandinavia, and the UK. Our workshops and training trips are all based around resilience, sustainability, and development within the cultural sector - key factors on any organisation's agenda! With cultural organisations relying more and more upon their own sources of income, retail is an area with exponential promise and room for growth. Through our public events and marketing campaigns we will also help your organisation reach government issued targets over International and Online visitors to your organisation's site.

And remember - it’s completely free to join our newsletter so there’s nothing to lose!

We don’t have the time or resources to get involved – what do we do? 

We want the cultural organisations of Scandinavia to be able to take part in Museum Shop Scandinavia regardless of size, time constraints, or resources. We won’t take up any of your valuable time or resources - our aim is to reach out a helping hand to help relieve some of the burden, whether it’s outsourcing web design, working on brand licensing, or simply offering top tips from industry insiders - we’re here for you!

We’re a museum, but don’t currently have any retail?

No problem - we think that every museum can learn useful tips and inside information from the Museum Shop Scandinavia network. Perhaps you’re thinking of opening a shop or designing a product range - we can help! Whether it’s putting you in touch with brand licensing opportunities, talking over do’s and don’t with museum peers or discovering how to turn your unusual subject matter into a marketable and alluring product.


Even the strangest or even repulsive objects can become successful product lines with the right design - just take a look at the Museum of London range for the London sewers 'Fatberg' exhibition! (Pictured above)

We’re not a museum! Is it still relevant for us? 

Yes! Museum Shop Scandinavia is all about promoting cultural retail – whether that’s in a museum, gallery, historic house, cathedral, theatre, arts centre, library or zoo. If you’re a non-profit cultural attraction, Museum Shop Scandinavia is for you.


Click the link below to find out more about taking part.